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Project - Better future

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Project "Better future"
Project partner: Blindrafelagid, Icelandic Society for the Visually Impaired (BIAVI)

The task of the project partner is to organize a study trip on site -  to carry out cooperation activities,  meetings with visually impaired people, exchange of experiences in the field of rehabilitation treatment and acquaintance with technical aids.

The aim of the project is to increase the sustainability of the NGO Valguskiir (Ray of Light).
The main activities of the project are the construction of the ground floor of our house and the launch of services, the involvement and training of visually impaired people and the creation and development of cooperation in Estonia and Iceland.
The project is aimed at visually impaired people and their assistants. 
As a result of the project, NGO Valguskiir has become a more independent and sustainable association whose activities have significantly increased the quality of life and active life of people with visual impairments.